Redefining the Taste of Gluten Free and Vegan Treats

All Natural

At Sarah's Delectables, our main mission was to create an all natural cookie dough that is healthy and tastes amazing.

Ready To Eat

All of our cookie dough can be eaten right out of the packaging!

Ready To Bake

Looking for warm baked cookies? Our cookie dough is ready to bake!

Ethical Sourcing

All of our ingredients have been ethically sourced through fair trade processes.

My Story

When my daughter was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and autism, at the age of 8, we changed to a gluten, dairy, soy and egg-free household. This prompted me to re-create my recipes for treats using all new ingredients. Could not find cookie dough or cookies that were BOTH nutritious and delicious. Flours were all starch based with rice flours and xanthan gum. After LOTS of trial and error, I MADE WHAT WAS NOT OUT THERE. You will be AMAZED!!!! As a mom and a physician, I have been sneaking healthy ingredients into our meals and treats for years now. If you are looking for a no guilt, no mess treat, I encourage you to try my products!

Having a child with chronic disease is no fun.  Due to my daughter’s progressive kidney disease, Megan and her service dog, Abby, are well known at our local outpatient laboratory.  Every three months for the past 5 years, she has needed her kidney function evaluated through blood work.  Getting Abby has made a tremendous difference!  Not only for the frequent blood work and doctors appointments, but in every day life for our whole family!  Donations to the Paws and Effect foundation (where service dogs are matched to children with chronic illness or disabilities along with veterans) along with the autism community are given through Sarah’s Delectables.  My goal is to educate the community about various signs of autism, as they present differently in girls!  Want to avoid other families having to go through the trauma we did, being told “it’s normal or it’s just her temperament”.



Each recipe has +/- 8 ingredients.
I use my own UNIQUE BLEND of non-GMO gluten-free flours that are safe to eat raw (tigernut flour is steamed and our almond flour is pasteurized) and full of nutrients (tigernut, blanched almond). NO refined sugar (panela),organic steam refined coconut oil, pure vanilla extract, premium Guittard chocolate, organic psyllium husk powder,
filtered water, sea salt


WHAT IS TIGERNUT FLOUR? It is NOT a nut, but rather a tuber/root vegetable. A gluten free, paleo superfood, it is full of antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, minerals, “good” fat, iron, and protein. Simply amazing! Ours comes from Spain.


WHAT IS PANELA? Panela is an unprocessed, unrefined sugar. Its nutrients are retained, such as potassium, manganese, magnesium, and zinc. The sugarcane is hand cut, then cold pressed to extract the sweet juice. It is then dehydrated into a golden brown, powdery, unrefined, unprocessed, raw sugar.
Panela is a sustainable crop from Columbia.

Practices (our standards for making our products)


I am licensed in food processing since 2019. Food safety is very important to me, so I have received specialty food safety training (PCQI certification). Using a commercial kitchen I thoroughly clean and sanitize to avoid any cross-contamination. The ingredients I use are organic, gluten-free, vegan, and free of soy, sesame, corn, additives, preservatives, “natural flavors”, or anything artificial! While expensive, tigernut flour is a superfood that is the FIRST INGREDIENT in EVERY recipe! You get what I make my own family and kids.


Having very strict standards, each ingredient was carefully chosen. I also buy directly from the producer whenever possible. Steamed tigernut flour comes to me from Spain and pasteurized blanched almond flour comes directly from a California family owned business. Panela comes to me from Columbia, and the vanilla extract is fair trade plus. You get the picture.

We are an Iowa Targeted Small Business.

My Mission


My mission is to redefine the taste of gluten-free and vegan cookies! You can have your cookie dough (that is full of nutritious ingredients) and safely eat it too! If you are looking for a healthier treat for yourself or someone else, THIS cookie dough WILL BRING SMILES TO ALL! Bake a batch and share the happiness that a homemade cookie brings!!!

Cookie dough is MADE FRESH TO ORDER AND IMMEDIATELY FROZEN (since there are NO preservatives or additives-EVER) in resealable pouches. The dough will remain fresh for 6 months in freezer, unopened. You may also keep it sealed in the refrigerator. It is completely safe to defrost at room temperature (as there are no eggs or butter) and keep in your refrigerator for whenever you would like to make cookies.




  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Place frozen dough pieces (salt side up) 1 ½ “ apart on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Let sit at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Bake 10-13 minutes.
  4. Cool completely on cookie sheet so they continue cooking before enjoying. They may crumble apart if you take them off too soon!